Make packaging influential for your private label skin care products

Product packaging is taken as an important opportunity for marketers to interact the message of the brand visually. Private label skin care products require influential packaging to generate interest of buyers. It’s no surprise that packaging reaches all the clients. This post shares the significance of packaging and how it helps gain a number of buyers for your products. 

How consumer behavior relates to the package designing?

The designers intend several features to their product packaging, such as-

      1. Color

      2. Brand name initial

      3. Labeling

      4. Added value

      5. Print finish variant 

Each of these five plays a unique role to influence the customers and convince them to buy the product. There are examples to explain the way these five work. They differ in terms of materials that are used in the production process, products at the store, and novelties in the design. 

For instance, buyer of aloe vera gel may find the product attractive in the aloe vera leaf shaped bottle. This type of packaging is interactive as it tells the consumer what’s inside it. The color, labeling, and everything else later decides if the consumer will purchase the product or not. 

There are surveys that show almost 60-70% of buying decisions are made by consumers inside the store. When the buyer leaves home to shop products for a definite purpose without deciding the brand choice, he shops on the basis of various factors. Some consumers opt for the regular brand, while some prefer doing extensive research before buying any new brand. On-spot decision making about choosing cosmetic products is usually influenced by packaging design of the product, brand knowledge, feedback stories, consumer personality, culture, lifestyle, and other factors. 

Other factors responsible for influencing the customers can be-

1. Spontaneous urge to buy - Often advertisements or display drive responses of the customers. Imagine your child watches a Barbie doll ad and asks for the same.

2. Compulsion - Some packaging compels consumers to buy the product instantly.

3. Excitement - Product packaging can create excitement and this tends consumer to think about purchasing the product. Imagine a beautiful perfume bottle woos you to pick it up and head to home!

4. Synchronicity  - Sometimes brands make packaging looks extremely appealing as when the consumer sees it at the right place, makes instant purchases.

5.Graphics - Package designing of each product has its own mysterious appeal. 

The private label buyer can influence through packaging of the product as it is the packaging that can increase customer satisfaction, enhance visibility and can set one product apart from its competition. In other words, packaging decides the branding process of the product; attracts customers and offers customers what exactly they are looking for when they use the product.


What’s the function of packaging?

The main function of product packaging is to safeguard the product during transportation. If the product packaging is sturdy, whatever the distance product has to travel, it remains intact. For example, you order a shea butter that comes in glass package. This packaging might be attractive but there are chances you get a broken shea butter jar. If the same product is packed in decent plastic tub, you get the perfect product without any spillage or spoilage. 

Packaging is also important for branding process. A brand is a symbol, wording, or another type of mark that creates identity of the product. There are products that work with different branding as per the market in which they are sold, especially in other countries. 

Benefits of packaging

Packaging can assist sales team to drive new customers as it offers space for sharing information about the product, such as how to use the product, precautions taken while using the product. It is the packaging quality and attractiveness that grab the attention of the buyer to pick it up and find more details on the label. In visual terms, it provides imagination to consumer of how the product benefits him.

When making a product in a new market, it is required to do some market research, such as focus groups to find out what appeals to the customers. It could be anything from colors, pictures, and labels used on the products that vary from country to country, from group to group of the customers.

Packaging can assist brand to find loyal customers. For instance, if a famous cosmetic brand wants to sell its popular product in retail stores, the product packaging and label may have the brand logo, name, and color scheme. The same packaging help customers of the store recognize the brand during shopping hour. After using the product, final quality of the product will decide whether the customer makes second purchases or not. However, using same packaging will be helpful for customers to identify the brand in another store. 


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