Best Natural Hair And Body Care Routine To Follow

We all know how eating fresh, organic foods, exercising regularly and keeping stress away helps us to be our healthiest version of ourselves. The body of the human is made up in such a way that it can move, as we know around three hundred and sixty joints in the human skeleton system, and exercise is critical to maintaining optimal health.

Circumstances like humidity, rain, temperature, and daylight hours, all impact the body's common cycles and vital systems. If we follow some rules of Ayurveda and make changes accordingly, we can attain better health.

Here are some viable body-care tips:

  • Complete an occasional body cleansing

In each season, it is vital to expel excess heat from the body & mind and set up your immune system for winter. Autumn is the ideal time to shed habits and foods that no longer cherish your mind and body. Body detoxification plays a significant role in the overall health of our body. Deep breathing clears the lungs of carbon dioxide, and increase oxygen intake, providing your body with more vital energy. Deep belly breathing also massages your internal organs and improves digestion by stimulating metabolism

  • Practice Meditation

A dense hour before Sunrise, the speed of the huge energy goes up in the atmosphere. Then half an hour just before sunrise, the smoke of the second energy dawns in the atmosphere. Hope, inspiration, and peace appear during this time. This time it is considered best for obtaining Brahma knowledge (meditation and self-discipline), supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. Currently, the environment is pure, calm, soothing and after the sleep, you will feel the freshness in your mind.

Meditation improves the mental activity of our brain. It is very helpful in improving the virtues and diagnosed with mental agony or hyperactivity and lethargy from Rajogun and Tamogun.

  • Practice Some Yoga Poses

Spent some time with nature and experience the early morning freshness of sunlight. Slow down the speed in your life and begin with some yoga pose. Bhujangasan, Vajrasan, and Salamba Bharadvajasana are among the best yoga posture that can gain the nervous system, avoid adrenal fatigue, and bolster the liver’s function of detoxing. There are some yoga mudras in exercise or physical exercise, such as sunlight and breathing processes such as pranayama. But it can also be a walk along with swimming and swimming. With the exercise of the morning time, it ends the indignity of the body and mind, the digestive fire is strong, fat decreases our body fat. With the flow of good life in your body, you experience lightness and bliss.

  • Do Body Massage With Warm Oil

According to Ayurveda, the fountain of youth is Abhyangha-warm oil massage. This practice sustains the body, relieves the dry skin, calms the mind, improves blood circulation and keeps up the glow of the skin. You can do this body massage just before showering.

  • Consume Sustaining Foods

During the seasonal climate, nature gives the ideal foods to nourish the body. Enjoy the root vegetables like carrots, beets. Use virgin coconut oil, olive oil for extra support for the nervous system. Use spices in your daily food to warm the body and stoke circulation.

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